Dieter Baumgarten

Dieter Baumgarten was born in West Berlin, and now he lives in Thüringen east germany. He works
in the privat security as armed and unarmed Guard. He likes sportshooting, weapons, trekking,
survival, astronomie, tactical stuff, military history, diffrent gerne of movies and musik, Amarican
Pickups, books and Whisky…..
In the end of 90′ he creates with active soldiers and veteran an Airsoftteam and try do bring it on a
higher level. After bad happenings he starts with germanic tribe and viking reenacment with full
contact swordfighting.
He is a proud member from the Cheers Mate Club and the President from the Eastside Charter.
He is also against the EU weapon law and loves the czech republic weapon law.

Contact Dieter direckt via email: Dieter.Baumgarten(@)